Library Displays and Art on Display

I have been busy getting some displays sorted.. I am so pleased with how these look.
 You may like to visit our library to see them in person...

As part of 'Our World, Our Future" Inquiry, 

Our World, Space and beyond....

 In Room 1, our Year 7 and 8 students have been studying Pop Art by artist: Roy Lichtenstein. 
Here's an example of his work.

Thank you Room 1, I think these are fabulous!

Summer Safety Display, Keeping ourselves safe on the beach.

 Our Book Tree!

Just in time for Halloween, we have on display some books 'To give you goosebumps!'

As part of Road Safety we had Ronald McDonald visit our junior school recently, here's our library display on keeping ourselves safe on the road!

As part of this term's Inquiry of the CLASSIFICATION of Human Beings.  
What makes us human? (skeleton, blood, fingerprints etc)

Encouraging our Readers!

As part of 'Our Belonging' Inquiry... 
we have this display showing some famous New Zealander faces and clues have to be matched up with names on the list! 

And 'Where do we live?' (a work in progress)